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Wanna known Musafeerr?

 Hey,  If you're looking for what  Musafeerr  is then let me clear all the things..  It's a future  Electric Vehicle Manufacturer  company based on Renewable / Green / Clean Energy. This company hasn’t arrived yet.  There is a futuristic post made by company owner HS Rokon about starting the company in near future ( which can take up to two years).  What will the company provide?  Well, the company will provide different types vehicles which could be...  - Normal Cars - Super Cars - SUV's - Luxurious Cars - Yacht - Boats - Ships - Choppers / Helicopters  - Jets  - Motors - Others ( Vehicles that will be found in future & also  vehicles that can go in water, road, air everywhere)  All of the items up on the list will not be available fron the beginning of the company,  the company will slowly start manufacturing it's vehicles as a new started company. Note:  The company hasn’t arrived in market yet. It will take time, maybe up to two year's. Thank you for stickin

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